Top 5 Cat Toys To Keep Your Cat Engaged

Cat toys are a great way to keep your kitty entertained and mentally engaged while also giving you a chance to connect and bond with them. Cat toys come in many different shapes, styles and sizes. We have taken the time to find the top 5 cat toys on Amazon. These toys are sure to be a hit with your cat. Check them out!

This is an amazing multiuse toy/bed! The tunnel can be turned into a round or half-moon in just a few minutes. The tunnel cat best combines a soft but sturdy tunnel with entry and exit points. Cats love to nap in the middle cushion bed. Have more than one cat? This great item is perfect for them to chase each other or hide out of sight. It is the perfect set up for traveling cars wherever they roam.

This interactive two is designed with 3 levels of tracks and 3 brightly colors balls to attract your kitty’s attention. It is a durable closed top toy with a non-slip base to hold the cat track and ball toy in place. This toy will stimulate your casts senses and satisfy its hunting instincts.  

The Goopow Automatic Cat Laser Interactive toy is usb charging/battery powered. To save energy it will automatically turn off after 15 minutes to prevent over stimulation. If the switch is turned on, this interactive toy will also turn on every 3 hours making sure your cat is staying busy! The laser pointer has the ability to rotate in a random 360-degree pattern across all services.

This toy has a rotatable windmill design. When the cat gently touches the toy will rotate freely attracting your cat to play more. This windmill toy can help reduce anxiety and increase IQ for your kitty kitty. The windmill is held in place by a suction cup – best used on a clean, flat surface. You are also able to add your cats favorite treats or catnip to the transparent boxes to attract your cats attention. Bonus - the TOOGE windmill is eco-friendly. It is made of non-toxic soft silicone, perfect for biting, chewing and playing with.

The YOFUN smart interactive cat toy is has a built-in spinning LED light stimulating the hunting instinct in your cat. This new 2020 model is rechargeable, no more need to replace batteries! This toy is a 360-degree self-rotating ball. With the single press of a button the ball will start doing 360-degree self-rotations to get your pets attention. Imagine your cat having its own Roomba! The ball will continuously move around the house while simultaneously putting out a red light to catch your cat’s attention. Do note that the ball works best on hard solid floors and not as well on carpeted areas. With a built-in battery saver the ball will also turn off automatically after 40 minutes of rolling and can be used up to 4 hours at a time.

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